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Every single player will be introduced to a football (soccer) program and a well defined and inclusive player/team identity that will include the same possession style and system of play. At the youngest ages, the focus remains on physical literacy while most of all developing a lasting passion towards the game. As players progress in age and ability, activities are introduced that focus purely on the technical quality needed to implement a possession style of play. Defensively, players are eventually introduced to choreographed team pressure and problem solving activities. Coaches are required to follow the age specific curriculum without exception, demonstrating progress during gameplay, regardless of 'level' or 'tier'.


The goal is for all of our youth teams to strive towards playing and developing the same way, and developing intelligent and creative players that are like minded, equally dangerous, eventually thinking and moving like 1 unit as opposed to 11 individuals on the field. As players become technically proficient, simple to complex systems of play will be introduced including constant rehearsal other game elements in order to monopolize possession.

No identity, no connection of activities, no philosophy = no improvement


Having activities without a purpose or defined style or system creates no continuity in your training. Which means:

  • Players aren’t striving for a style of play often because a club does not have one;

  • Players can’t achieve a level of mastery in the skills associated with a particular activity and translate into a game;

  • Coaches are not achieving a level or purpose of mastery with a particular activity but expect their players to blindly execute in a game; 

  • Players cannot problem solve on the field because clubs or coaches have not given them the proper training environment.


All Southwest coaches will use carefully planned sessions that will link a set of core activities that properly support the type of possession football we want to play and the type of player we want to develop.

"we want our identity to be observed from U8-U18, boys or girls, and regardless of tier"

Southwest London FC Identity

  • Communication;

  • Shape, Spacing, & Awareness;

  • Speed of play.

We teach technical building blocks

  • Ball mastery;

  • Limited pressure activities; 

  • Full pressure activities.

We teach tactical building blocks

  • How to transition into attack;

  • How to build out of the back;

  • How to attack;

  • How to transition into defending;

  • How to press defensively.

We strive to play our style (U8+)

Our Identity & Philosophy ...


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