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Our Club Culture ...


We acknowledge that:

  • Southwest Soccer does not profit.

  • We do not have B (or C or D) players/teams that pay for our "A team" players/teams costs.

  • We do not have "better" coaches or facilities for the 'A team' players vs the 'B team' players.

  • Zero registration fees are allotted to help pay for our senior teams,  badges, or owner's salaries. 

  • Very few (1 in 10,185 players in Canada) will become professional soccer players (even less within just Ontario).

  • Despite clever marketing (and some often paying in excess of $20K aspiring for their child to reach stardom), very few soccer players in London actually play on legitimate professional teams. Those that do often were rooted in community soccer programs.

  • Proven professional soccer academies for youth players are free of charge, where the club pays entirely for development of a player and not the player paying for the club (or club salaries or other for profit expenses).

  • Some parents invest savings into RESPs, which if amassed over a period from U8-U18 can guarantee returns for college/university education.

Memorable Events

  • Holiday Soccer Festival

Southwest London FC separates itself from other clubs or for-profit academy franchises because of it's unique 'football first' culture and pure possession based soccer programs. Parents and players quickly realize that quality soccer development and competitive soccer success does not have to cost excessively, akin to other developing soccer nations throughout the world. Our parents see first hand the passion and planning involved with each session and atmosphere at all of our football games, functions, and events at our club and our established football rich community.

More than just the game ...

Our international culture also involves more than just practices and games. It embraces arriving to sessions early to catch up with friends, or having a final game of pick up soccer. It encourages parents and players to be an active part of our soccer events such as our Holiday Soccer Festivals. We invite parents and players  to see the value of what our soccer program and environment has to offer and invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

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